My goal in life is to
inspire and motivate

Georgia Jenkins

I was born a twin and when I was born I was put into a humidicrib and my parents were told that I was a fighter. If I was born a boy I wouldn’t have made it. So I always had that in the back of my mind when life got tough. I figured if I could get through that then the rest should be a breeze right?  I kept telling myself that I was meant to be here even if no one wanted me around.

The abuse I went through throughout my life and the hardship that I perceived my life to have been, is what motivated me to be the voice for change. Being told at school that I wouldn’t amount to anything, my parents constantly told me that I couldn’t achieve anything and my sisters who always put me down created the motivation to make changes in my life and helped shape the person I am today.

I am a Voice, a Strategist and a Positive Achiever and I’m here to help you to empower YOU.

Edinburgh 2020 Prestige Awards Winner Georgia Jenkins

Helping People

I felt lost and alone in my thoughts until i took the path of creating that which wasn’t there.

Inspiring People

I created events for children when I was told it would work. Our events were so life changing, that we were gifted an award from the community.

Where ever I worked we wiggled our way around the world to create love and giggles which I was taught many years ago was the best medicine.  Today I love to work with the children that fall through the net, The Business person that has a thought of a seed as i like to call it but doesn’t know where to plant it and how to grow it.

I am the voice out there. I hope to inspire people to become who they want to become, with no limitations. Not to listen to people say, hey you can’t do that. Who are they to say you can’t? You just need to have strategy and knowhow and that is where I come in. Giving a helping hand, offering guidance to help you achieve those goals you have thought and dreamt of.

Giving you the drive and motivation to change all parameters and believe in YOU.

I would love to hear how I
could impact your life.

I offer a free consultation call/skype for 30 mins, to find out more about how coaching works and discuss how we might work together.