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Helping you to live your life on purpose, with purpose.

Helping people find their path.

Guiding you through the minefield and changing any limited belief systems to a more empowered mindset. The advantage here is with different case work gathered from my travels and my knowledge of cultural differences that may hinder growth. No stone has been unturned when it comes to the hidden challenges in both business and personal life.

Life Coaching Mindset & Wellness Scotland Georgia Jenkins

I take a holistic approach in order for you to create a significant and lasting change. This means ensuring your body, mind and spirit are all working in harmony towards your goals. It also means bringing awareness to how an imbalance in one can lead to an imbalance in the other.

Achieve Your Goals‎

Step by step guidance is essential and knowing you always have support no matter what time of the day it is always an advantage. Life isn’t about existing, it’s about living and through my coach I am able to help you find the balance with life and work and have that life you desired.

Getting Started

No one sets out on a trip without at least knowing where they are going on their journey and what they wish to achieve. A 121 session to figure your first steps on how to get started. I believe this is the seed that starts your journey.

Questions & Answers

The more you ask the more you learn.

I offer face-to-face  or virtual sessions where we can answer any questions or concerns you may have. We work to fit around your life schedule. This includes evening and Saturday sessions.

Goal Setting

Setting goals is the hurdle to overcome with confidence. When your goals are set that are unachievable then you lose confidence. We do these in group sessions, 121 sessions or at our yearly retreats.

Business Planning

Achieving a successful business one needs to have a plan. Working this out smoothly can be time consuming if you can’t see your bigger picture clearly. This Is when Georgia sits with you to work out a step by step plan to create a successful and fulfilling business plan that is set for success.

Personal Goals

Georgia has many stories to tell that she achieved while setting personal goals for herself and achieving them even though her mindset wasn’t tuned for the achievement. This is one of her strength in recognising your personal limitations adjusting your thoughts and helping set those plans to that helps you achieve your personal goals.

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I relish creating an environment where people get more out of themselves, where they become more of who they really are. I’m the whetstone that sharpens them so they can slice through anything.

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